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I've offered a few different mystery packs but this one is my favorite because it has a little bit of everything.
Full disclosure, I am pretty good at making sure you get the most bang for your buck with these.

In this package, you can potentially receive a fun mixture of the following:
& more!

The SMALL pack will include a guaranteed 1 pin, 1 patch and a mix of other goodies.
The MEDIUM pack will include a guaranteed 2 pins, 1 patch, a sticker and a mix of other goodies.
The LARGE pack will include everything in the medium pack PLUS a large item.

Large Items may be anything from a shirt to a mug.
Please leave your unisex size in the messages just in case.


I try to be very understanding when it comes to things like this, so please just message me and we can work something out. xo

Reviews (2)


It was so nice opening my package and discovering all the sweet things inside. Beautiful art and beautiful human being.

Everything in this was amazing. It had so many items and things I had wanted to get! The water bottle was awesome!

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